de Hillary

"Boss Lady"

“Boss Lady” Romie de Hillary is proud to play a role in Seattle’s small business owners and arts community by leading ‘back of the house’ operations for the Seattle Tattoo Emporium. Romie brings key business experience- from corporate to non-profits to start-ups and small local operations- as well as a longstanding commitment to diversity and equity in the arts. Boss Lady is a licensed attorney serving as in-house counsel in the design and construction industries. Also, an avid creator, collector, restorer and designer of fine art & jewelry- she is always looking to find or create the next treasure.

Fascinated by her uncle’s fading military tattoos, Romie got herself a bad fake ID and a small rose tattoo copied from the Gun’s n Roses album cover: it was the early 90’s, and she was 15. Her second tattoo was by Jimmy the Saint- a crown on her right arm, which led to a collection of tattoos and a marriage proposal! Together, Romie and Jimmy took ownership of the Emporium with a steadfast mission to continue its legacy while executing some needed spiffing up. While Boss Lady might not be behind a tattoo gun, she is behind every one of the Emporium’s Artists making sure they have the tools and resources to make outstanding tattoos, happy clients- and be the best ‘CHINGON’ Tattoo Artists they can be.